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Let me introduce myself!!!

Hi folks. Since this is my first blog I thought I would simply introduce myself and tell you how I got started with this site.

Way back in 1998, I was working in a darkroom in Manhattan. yes. A Dark Room!! The only daylight i saw all winter long was coming from a small lens from the enlargers. I had been a darkroom tech for over ten years at this point and a change was desperately needed.

I was light deprived and depressed after leaving work. The hectic day in and day out of city life was draining to say the least so when I had an opportunity to move down to St. Thomas and join a friend in opening a video production company, I jumped at the opportunity!!!

After working 2 years as a stage hand and video production at the Reichhold Center, I then moved on to TV2 as an editor. That was and AWESOME job!! But I was still not satisfied with the kind of work I was producing.

Then I became a producer of WTJX, a PBS station here in St. Thomas. That was fun but still not satisfied.

So, I decided to take the big risk, give up security and try and do my own thing. has become my own thing and Im loving it!!!

I started out just doing stills for Bar Mitzvahs but have now branched out to do video for both Bar Mitzvahs and weddings. Many wedding photographers have convinced me that with my background as a videographer and editor, wedding video would be a natural fit.

So here I am, broke and struggling but loving what I'm doing again!! Learning new things and meeting new people every day. Not a bad way to live!!!

Ok. I know this isn't the most exciting blog in the world, but hay, its my first!!!

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