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Affordable wedding photography in the US Virgin Islands, St. Thomas. St. Thomas wedding photography.

Ask any ten year old what they want to be when they grow up and chances are they will say a fireman or police officer.

Not me.  I always knew what I wanted to do.  

I was going to be a photographer! 


My education in photography started in high school where I befriended Mr. Frank Limacella.  He was my photo teacher and saw great promise in what I was doing.  So much so he encouraged me to further my education and assisted me in obtaining a scholarship to PRATT institute, where I received my BFA in photography.


After graduating, I furthered my education by working in photo studios and labs around NY.


And then it happened.  I lost all my work to a flood.


All of my portfolios, my negatives, 10 years worth of prints.  Gone!  

So when a friend of mine called me up and invited me to join him in starting a production company in the U.S. Virgin Islands, I jumped at the opportunity to start over as a TV producer.  But after many years of producing shows for our local TV stations,  I couldn’t help but feel like I forgot something.  

I forgot about my love for photography.  The beauty of the still image.  The power of story telling with just a moment in time. 


So, I quit my day job and am now embarking on a new journey.  And I love it!!


And now I wish to be a part of your journey.  To document your most powerful, loving moments against a backdrop of the beautiful US Virgin islands.   


st thomas wedding photography

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